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Arrowhead Ranch is a Purebred Registered Black Angus Ranch.  At Arrowhead Ranch, we Artificial Inseminate and utilize our two-time Grand Champion Herd Bull “Shocking 296” with AAA Registration # 17980285. He has already produced a Grand Champion Heifer for 2018 and we feel he has many more Grand-Champion off-springs to follow. We are active members with the American Angus Association, The Texas Angus Association and the Texas Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association.

We have worked many long hours and have consulted with several animal nutritionists to bring our herd’s genetics, feed rations and overall herd management to the next level. We are an all-natural ranch. Our native pasture grasses consist of Blue Stem, Side Oat Gramma, Big Blue Stem and Indian grass. We supplement “year round” Purina’s Acu-Ration 3210 and are maintaining respectively a 3.10 pound weight gain per day per calf.

Arrowhead Ranch is a large frame cattle operation. Our cows average weight is 1700 pounds, Shocking 296 herd bull is 2700 pounds. One of many advantages that our large frame cattle possess are our meat cut sizes and the grading of our beef. Our beef cuts are almost twice the size as today's standard which means you get more beef per hoof than today’s standard meat cut. As a past meat judge, our beef will consistently grade prime. Arrowhead Ranch prides itself with selling bulls to the Commercial Breeders along with selling steers and heifers to the show industry folks.

Arrowhead Ranch is involved with our community and outside by developing relationships with the Independent School Districts. Arrowhead Ranch sponsors each child that purchases our show calves and we strive to make all the sanctioned and county shows: Dallas, Ft. Worth, San Antonio, Houston, Texas Jr Angus Show, Denton County and Wise County. With past grand, reserve, first and third place winning show heifers and steers, we have developed a process that works and we pass these trade secrets to our clients from showmanship tips, trimming to feed rations along with other tips of the "how to's" of breaking your show calves. Showing is an art and a business. It builds character, responsibility, discipline and confidence. Show folks are a family and we all strive to maintain the close-knit family relationships that your child can build upon with lasting memories. As the child develops, so will the network of people that they meet and can build upon that.  As they enter the work force, they can apply those skills they have learned onto their family’s ranch or even their own ranch that can be passed down from generation to generation. At the end of the day, memories and relationships are all we have and that's what this business is all about.

Arrowhead Ranch is  pleased to announce we will partner up with REI in Stillwater, Oklahoma in 2019 for all our collection, marketing and dispersal of "Shocking 296's" semen. 

We at Arrowhead Ranch thank you for visiting our website and look forward building a working business relationship in both the commercial and show industries for many years to come!

Bob, Betsy and Brayden Woods

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